Cleaning Tips.

Smeary Windows

With either vinegar or water and a wash leather, wipe over and then buff up with newspaper, or using Limelite, spray directly onto the mirror and then with a wet cloth, wash over and dry.

Spillages on Carpets

Soak up with kitchen roll, patting gently until all liquid has gone. (NEVER RUB A CARPET WITH A TOWEL!!) If a stain has been left then leave baking soda on the stain until it has absorbed, then vacuum.


Spray Limelite on taps, leave for a few minutes (not too long) and then get an old toothbrush to clean in the cracks and grooves. Or, using the juice of half a lemon squeezed onto cotton wool, rub into the taps.

Venetian Blinds

Wearing cotton gloves, wipe along slats.

Tea Stains

Put a table spoon of washing powder into your object, fill with boiling water and leave overnight.

Baked on food on pans

Soak them overnight in water with a sheet of fabric conditioner, or you can also use sodsa crystals.

Pet Hairs

Using a rubber glove or wet cloth, wipe the area.

Hard water in kettles

Mix Malt or white vinegar, half and half with water, bring to the boil and leave overnight. Rinse.

Stains on clothes

Add soda crystals to the washing machine to remove.