Terms and Conditions.

Domesticats reserve the right to make any changes to any part of the terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.

We require you as a valued client to make sure your home is safe for the ladies to come in and clean your home, ie no hazardous objects they could trip over, no loose electrical wires, electrical items that are not safe to touch.

The cleaners must have access to hot water and electricity in order to carry out the cleaning work.

The only product we do not provide is if you require your floors to be waxed and buffed, as many of out clients have the relevant equipment and products in order to carry out this task already.

We require one week's notice for holidays or if you want to cancel the cleaning contract.

If you wish to cancel a clean for whatever reason, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise we do have to charge (the price of the clean). This is also the same if you forget to leave a key out for us, or if we cannot enter your home, eg keys left in the door, so we cannot get out key in the other side of the door.

We aim to provide an excellent service, but if you feel that we have not provided that on a particular occasion, please call or email within 24 hours, and we will discuss the issues and if necessary come out and rectify this problem for you.

Cleaners are not to clean up any faeces.

Payment terms are 7-14 days, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

We are only able to clean ground floor windows on the outside, and not upper floors.